A. Understanding User Needs

Design System

Design your services using GOV.CY styles, components and patterns. Use the Design System to make your service consistent with GOV.CY and avoid repeating work that’s already been done. The Design System makes it easy for digital teams to build accessible, consistent, and performant services and products to meet Cyprus’ needs.
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Running the Discovery Phase

The discovery phase is the initial stage of any service development and a crucial step in the design process; it allows for a deeper understanding of the problem that the service aims to solve, as well as the needs and expectations of the users who will be using it. This phase could last up to 8 weeks. The duration can vary depending on the complexity and novelty of the problem.
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Content Design Standards for Services

Content design exists to help people get what they need from the government/state simply and quickly, using the most appropriate content format or medium available. It focuses on what the user needs to know when they need to know it, rather than writing everything the government/state might want to say. This makes it easier for the user to find what they need, to understand it and act on it.
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Performance Framework

The goal of the Digital Services Factory is to provide well maintained, user centered services that help the user achieve an outcome with minimal effort. In order to measure the level of success of our services we need to answer questions such as: Is the service working for the users? Is it working well? Are the changes we are making improving the service? What does good looks like?
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