C. Choosing the right technology

Design System

Design your services using GOV.CY styles, components and patterns. Use the Design System to make your service consistent with GOV.CY and avoid repeating work that’s already been done. The Design System makes it easy for digital teams to build accessible, consistent, and performant services and products to meet Cyprus’ needs.
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Service Delivery Team Onboarding and Service Delivery Guide

The purpose of this guide is to explain all the necessary actions that need to be taken and prerequisites that have to be met by a service delivery team to collaborate, develop and deploy a new service or a ‘bucket’ of services on the DSF infrastructure (currently an Azure AKS Cluster) using the DSF Service Standard and DSF Design System.
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Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)

A DPIA is a process that helps organizations identify, assess, and mitigate the risks associated with processing personal data. It is essentially a risk assessment that evaluates the impact of data processing activities on individuals' privacy and data protection rights. DPIAs are a legal requirement under GDPR for certain processing activities, such as those involving sensitive data or systematic monitoring of individuals.
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