Figma library update (V.2.1.1)

By Constantinos Evangelou and Akis Chimaris, Interaction designers We have updated the design system community Figma library to reflect the changes in the Design System. You can use the library for rapid design and prototyping using the design system by…

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Design System updates (V.2.1.1)

Design System update version 2.1.1
Updated the design system to version 2.1.1. Even though there is a major version increase the changes in the CSS are backwards compatible with the v.1.3.2.
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How to create new design elements using the utility classes

Create new design element
The Design System provides the basic components for creating digital service straight out of the box. These components may not be enough to build all services end to end, so the DSF team has created a library of CSS utility classes that apply unique styling and formatting to a group of HTML elements, that can be used to build new design elements, in the ‘ way’.
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How to create a page using the design system

Create a page using the design system
When creating a new digital service for, you can use our components for all your front-end needs. These components are consistent with the design system and they can be easily implemented by anyone with basic front end development skills.
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Designing the Design System

The Design System with components, code and documentation
At the Digital Services Factory (DSF) we were looking for ways to have a consistent, clean, accessible and intuitive user experience throughout the services of the portal.
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How we’ve changed the way we build services

DSF - Feature Image
At DSF, one of the things that set us apart is the way we work. We’ve left behind the more traditional ways of working which involve 'Waterfall project management' (where requirements are fixed at the beginning), and strict hierarchies. Instead, we follow the Agile project management philosophy (where we build, improve and adapt as we go along)
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