Guidelines and Documentation on the 3 sections of the Service Standard

A. Understanding User Needs

All services are built with having the user in mind. The users’ needs must be understood in order to solve the problem they face with a simple, accessible and seamless journey through the service.

B. Leading Agile Teams

Agile methodology is a way of working by breaking the project up into several phases or stages. It involves constant collaboration with the users and other stakeholders, and the agile teams cycle through the process of planning, executing and evaluating to improve the service at every stage.

C. Choosing the right technology

The right tools and technology need to be chosen to create a high-quality service in a cost-effective way. Those choices will impact the ability to create, iterate and operate the service in a sustainable way. The technology should be reliable, provide security, communication functionality through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and use common components and patterns.

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