Version 2.2.0

Design your services using GOV.CY styles, components and patterns.

Use the Design System to make your service consistent with GOV.CY and avoid repeating work that’s already been done. The Design System makes it easy for digital teams to build accessible, consistent, and performant services and products to meet Cyprus’ needs.

Version control table

1.3.228/06/2022Published Document

CSS and JavaScript
Added option to add CSS via CDN
Added app.min.js JavaScript. Currently only used for the autocomplete function by the Confirm phone number pattern

Accessibility enhancements
– Updated all <labels> to include a valid for=”” attribute
– Updated the Info colour value to enhance contrast
– Updated page title instructions

Screen reader enhancements
– Updated all error messages and converted them from <span> to <p>
– Updated the error messages components with instructions for the usage of aria-describedby=”error_message_id” to help announce the error message on screen readers

Pattern enhancements
Added confirm a phone number pattern
Added date pattern
Added Page not found page pattern
Added There is a problem with the service page pattern
Added Service unavailable pages pattern
– Updated Telephone pattern to include displaying and storing telephones

New components
Added breadcrumbs component
Added a Pattern for structuring a service, which explains how to structure an online service.
Added a Pattern for adding multiple things, which explains how to help users add a single or multiple items of the same type
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