Design System updates (V.2.1.1)

Design System update version 2.1.1
Design System update version 2.1.1

By Constantinos Evangelou, Interaction Design Lead

The design system has been updated to version 2.1.1. Even though there is a major version increase, the changes in the CSS are backwards compatible with v.1.3.2.

Updates include:

CSS and Javascript

Changes in the CSS and Javascript include:

  • Added option to add CSS via CDN
  • Added app.min.js javascript. Currently only used for the autocomplete function by the Confirm phone number pattern

Accessibility enhancements

Screen reader enhancements

  • Updated all error messages and converted them from <span> to <p>
  • Updated the error messages components with instructions for the usage of aria-describedby=”error_message_id” to help announce the error message on screen readers

Pattern enhancements

New components

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