DSF Service Template

Version 1.0

This is a quick start template for creating a sample DSF service (Request an email and mobile change)

A mock service for understanding best development practices

The proposed template for DSF service development includes several key features to facilitate the creation of robust and user-friendly web applications. To begin with, it implements a secure login mechanism using Cy Login. Additionally, it provides a recommended project structure for organizing and managing the development process. The inclusion of the DSF Design System, along with example pages, ensures consistent and intuitive user experiences. The template also supports multilingual content, with out-of-the-box capabilities for handling session data and storage. To improve the accuracy and reliability of user input, a proposed server-side validation mechanism is included using Fluent Validation. To further streamline the development process, mock API calls can be utilized. Lastly, a Navigation Service is provided to simplify the process of navigating between different pages and components within the application.


This service is a demo that contains the following:

  • Implementation of a sample login mechanism with Cy Login
  • A proposed project structure for DSF service development
  • Inclusion of the DSF Design System with example pages
  • Out-of-the-box Multilanguage Support
  • Session data handling and storage
  • A proposed server-side validation mechanism (Fluent Validation)
  • Mock API calls
  • Navigation Service
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