DSF CyLogin Demo

Version 1.0

The proposed web client demo provides a useful tool for testing the authorization capabilities of an API. The demo includes OIDC configuration using a mock identity server, providing a secure authentication and authorization process. It displays the id and access tokens retrieved from the Identity Server, which can then be used to test an API that accepts the access token. Additionally, the demo includes a sample Authorized API endpoint that can be called to test the authorization capabilities of the API. This feature is particularly useful for developers who want to test their API’s authorization features before deploying it to production. Overall, this web client demo provides an easy-to-use and comprehensive tool for testing the security and authorization features of an API.


This web client is a demo implementation that contains the following:

  • OIDC Configuration using a mock identity server dsf-idsrv-dev
  • Display id and access tokens retrieved from the Identity Server for testing an API accepting the access token
  • Call a sample Authorized API endpoint to test authorization git-api-template
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