Versioning Process

Version 1.0

Version control table

0.102/09/2022Initial Draft
1.022/11/2022Published Document

Table of contents

Why do we need this

All Services shall be built based on the Service Standard published on the Digital Services Factory website ( For a Service to go Live, it needs to “Meet” the Service Standard. 

The Service Standard document was created using the agile methodology that uses iterations to improve it, creating multiple versions of the document.

Upon building a Service, the Service Standard to be followed must be specified according to the Service Standard Document Version in the Contract / Service Initiation  Document. 

To manage the history of changes in each document, we have specified a version control table to include the version changes. Minor indications such as 0.1, and 0.2 and major indications, such as 1.0, and 2.0 will be used in version numbering. 

Versioning Process

Version numbering

The First Draft version of the document is version 0.1 (V.0.1) and subsequent drafts will increase by “0.1”.

The Published version will be Version 1.0 or V.1.0.

Revisions, iterations, and minor changes to the Final Version will increase the version by “0.1”. For example, the version will be V.1.1, V.1.2, V.1.3, etc.

For major changes to the document which need re-approval, which will lead to Subsequent Published versions, the version number will increase by “1.0”. For example V.1.0, V.2.0, V.3.0.

Version Control Table

Each document that has version history will include a versioning control table before the table of contents to inform the reader of older versions of the document.

The Version Control table will hold the following information:

  • version number
  • date
  • summary of changes in the document 

Version control table

0.102/03/2022Initial Draft
0.210/05/2022Iterations based on private sector feedback in chapter 4
1.020/5/2022Published Final document
1.131/8/2022Added a link to a new guideline document in chapter 9
Example of a version control table

How to use the versioning for the Service Standard documents

Older versions of the documents are linked as PDF files in the versioning control table and cannot be searched on the Digital Services Factory site ( 

They are only accessible through the versioning control table of the document. 

On the Service Standard document, all Relevant Guidelines and Documentation are listed with their latest version (e.g. Design System (V.1.3.2), Service Design (V.1.0), etc).

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